steve pearson@ 13:17 04-13-2020
Happy Easter to all the gang
hope everybody is well ,Not Long Now Keep Batting
kind regards Steve Pearson
Steve Rawson@ 10:51 04-13-2020
R.I.P Sir Stirling Moss
Probably the greatest F.1 racing driver never to win the world championship!
Tony Hallworth@ 10:45 04-13-2020
Yes Happy Birthday to Bernice Ann and Karen . They say that the sun shines on the riteous well what a lovely day you’ve got We’ve been trying to keep busy but are running out interesting things to do.I’m presently trying go get my garage into some order but I know when
it’s finished I’ll never find anything again! Well it’s nearly coffee time. Let us know what you are all doing.Have fun and stay safe
William Collins@ 10:38 04-13-2020
Happy Birthday Bernice. Happy Birthday Ann. 22 now eh?
And a happy birthday wish to all the ones we missed as we had trouble on the computer recently. We are both keeping well but There is only so much gardening you can enjoy. Best wishes to all and keep safe Irene and Bill.
John Ogden@ 10:28 04-13-2020
First of all “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to the two birthday girls. Like many of our members the stress of being confined to quarters has been taking its toll as on certain occasions I’ve had to prise Linda’s fingers from around my throat! However, on the upside, we have managed to do many of the little jobs around the place that have been hanging around for far too long and we have realised that there are jobs we’ve no intention of doing (that’s if we’re being honest). Take care all! Cheers
Peter D Moore@ 10:14 04-13-2020
Happy Birthday To Bernice & Ann on your 22nd Birthday today,
I know that you are 22 as you were 21 last year Lots of love from us all
Peter D Moore@ 16:42 04-10-2020
Happy Birthday to Karen Ray for yesterday and to David Fleet, Today hope you have a good day
and sorry you cant go to the pub. Happy Birthday from us all
Jeff@ 22:47 04-09-2020
Pulled a lot of Morris Minor wires and the car still goes! I think the car at one time must have had a lot of extra gauges fitted e.g. found two extra wires coming from the coil that ended under the dashboard - guessing it may have had a tachometer to monitor the 948cc engine!!!!! Now need to sort out the indicators to give those following me a clue on which way I’m planning to turn. It has the silly old arrangement where the brake lights double as the turn indicator and all seems to be made to work by a big relay with 8 wires coming out of it - will try and see if I can identify the appropriate points to separate out the indicator feeds so I can fit the later lights with a separate bulb and amber lens. If I can’t I suppose I can cheat and just wire the indicators separately but knowing me will probably end up with every light flashing - at least there’s time to experiment whilst we have no shows. Best wishes to all. Keep Safe Jeff
Brian Richardson@ 17:43 04-07-2020
Thanks for your thoughts on our family member with the virus Pete. This is our daughter's mother in law. She is now out of Tameside General and back in her care home where she is continuing to recover. Regards Brian and Jean.
Peter D Moore@ 10:27 04-04-2020
Happy birthday to Bob Jackson 65 Today
sorry you cant have your party we will have it next year
Peter Bernice and all the members::
steve pearson@ 19:26 04-03-2020
Hello Everybody
i hope everybody is safe and well and look forward to seeing everybody at a show soon ,take care .
ps peter i think i owe you some money ??
regards Steve Pearson x
Steve Rawson@ 15:17 04-03-2020
Hi everyone
Third day of April and no cars mot'd, taxed and out on the road. The Samba got fired up during the warm spell in March, but the Beamer's still covered up and can stay that way until it warms up a bit and this lock down ends. Stay safe every one and use your P.P.E's (Red wine works well)
Peter D Moore@ 14:20 04-03-2020
Good news for all you that are on pension as from 5th of April we all get a rise of £3.00 a week
it is costing us £5.00 to get a food deliver if you can get one
Now it is good to see lots of you using this site,its good to see
John is getting on with his RS it will be nice to see out on the road
to see Jeff is puling wires from the Morris but be ware Jeff it only has a
hand full in the car from new hope it starts after let us know
now for the big job of the week Dave Homes is getting on with a big job
hope it is looking nice in its new paint job and fitting a v6 engine its going to fly
Hope that Brian & Jean Family member is getting better keep us up to date
as for me I have given up on all motors for the time being
Just sit in the sun this week end
Tony Hallworth@ 14:15 04-03-2020
Hi folks I’ve spoken to one or two friends and relatives who have said that they’ve had a bad experience in the super markets with people who seem oblivious to the two metre rule and actually leaning over them rather than wait their turn on the shelves .Has anyone else heard of this ? Have they these people not been watching the Tv
Tony Welch@ 13:59 04-03-2020
Hello to all my fellow Isolationists! Just had the first run out to the shops and back, where I stayed in the car and the wife did the shopping. On returning home had a change of clothes and a lengthy shower. The wife will have to remain 2 metres away from me for a week. Well one cannot be too careful. The SAAB is under cover having just got it back from the bodyshop where it was repainted and Waxoyled. Typical, just ready to go and along comes a Lock Down. One comment - the Emojis don't work
Replied on: 15:02 04-03-2020

Hi Tony,
Built in Emojis on mobile phone don't appear to work however the ones on the message page are.

Cheers Dave.

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