Peter D Moore@ 10:05 04-02-2020
Congratulations to Margaret & Len Neve on there 60th Wedding Anniversary
today 2nd April have a good day from Peter & Bernice and all TCC member,
save me a some. cake wishing you all the best. stay well and safe

Peter & Bernice
Graham Moores@ 09:41 04-02-2020
Hi all, I am still working at the moment counted as a key worker to supply food to everyone. Keeping as safe as can do and going for my essential walk once a day. Hope to see everybody soon and hope all keeping well. Regards to all Graham.
Jeff and Sue@ 20:36 04-01-2020
Hi all fellow inmates
We are keeping well, what a shame there is no football to watch! We have plenty of decorating to do but each days a toss up ....decorating or play with the cars.........messing with the Morris Minor which seems to have more wires than it needs - hope it still works when I have finished removing those I think are unnecessary. Best wishes to All. Keep Safe Jeff and Sue
John Ogden@ 19:49 04-01-2020
Like everyone else myself and Linda are crawling up the walls at time, I can’t go for a walk due to my disability so it been a case of catching up on all those little jobs that we all keep putting off.

I have just had a little work done on the Escort RS2000 so it just needs a new set of tyres and it will be ready for MOT.

I just hope everyone takes care and we all come through this epidemic. Take care.


John & Linda
Dave Holmes@ 19:15 04-01-2020
I'm off for 2 weeks over Easter so I'll be working on my 1985 vw t25 camper,hopefully finishing the painting and fitting the 2.8 vr6 engine conversion ,dont think I can add photos to this ,also I'll be on it weekends as well ,as I cant go anywhere else !! ,keep safe
Peter D Moore@ 18:26 04-01-2020
[Hi Now we have set this guest page up please
use it to keep in touch with other.

Berince and I well at the moment but getting fed up
not going out .let us know how you all are getting on

Peter& Bernice

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