Peter lee@ 13:35 04-03-2020
Hi everyone
Spending my time on the house and garden
And my car
Just removed all the wheels on by one and cleaned them up
Cleaned and nourished the leather
So should be looking great if we get to have a show this year
Hope everyone is keeping safe and well during these unusual and scary times
Brian Richardson@ 17:29 04-02-2020
Hi everyone. We're well ourselves although one case of Coronavirus in family. Does anyone remember when we used to drink Corona by the way? Much happier days! Digging done patch ready for the seed potatoes. That's our exercise done. The Midget is having some welding work done to her under carriage so she should be good to go once we all get back to normal. Stay safe and take care. Brian and Jean.
Tony Hallworth@ 11:37 04-02-2020
I’m back this predictive text is a pain. The last line should obviously read -take care every one
Cheers Tony
Tony Hallworth@ 11:32 04-02-2020
Hi all we’re doing our best to keep safe.We have been for a walk around the field at the side but apart from that we haven’t been further than the front garden. I have done all my jobs already and am now getting bored .at the moment we are getting food brought to the front step so no problem there.We have an organisation that’s been set up to do errands or help in anyway so that’s good.Time for coffee now so TTFN take a really everyone
Peter D Moore@ 10:05 04-02-2020
Congratulations to Margaret & Len Neve on there 60th Wedding Anniversary
today 2nd April have a good day from Peter & Bernice and all TCC member,
save me a some. cake wishing you all the best. stay well and safe

Peter & Bernice
Graham Moores@ 09:41 04-02-2020
Hi all, I am still working at the moment counted as a key worker to supply food to everyone. Keeping as safe as can do and going for my essential walk once a day. Hope to see everybody soon and hope all keeping well. Regards to all Graham.
Jeff and Sue@ 20:36 04-01-2020
Hi all fellow inmates
We are keeping well, what a shame there is no football to watch! We have plenty of decorating to do but each days a toss up ....decorating or play with the cars.........messing with the Morris Minor which seems to have more wires than it needs - hope it still works when I have finished removing those I think are unnecessary. Best wishes to All. Keep Safe Jeff and Sue
John Ogden@ 19:49 04-01-2020
Like everyone else myself and Linda are crawling up the walls at time, I can’t go for a walk due to my disability so it been a case of catching up on all those little jobs that we all keep putting off.

I have just had a little work done on the Escort RS2000 so it just needs a new set of tyres and it will be ready for MOT.

I just hope everyone takes care and we all come through this epidemic. Take care.


John & Linda
Dave Holmes@ 19:15 04-01-2020
I'm off for 2 weeks over Easter so I'll be working on my 1985 vw t25 camper,hopefully finishing the painting and fitting the 2.8 vr6 engine conversion ,dont think I can add photos to this ,also I'll be on it weekends as well ,as I cant go anywhere else !! ,keep safe
Peter D Moore@ 18:26 04-01-2020
[Hi Now we have set this guest page up please
use it to keep in touch with other.

Berince and I well at the moment but getting fed up
not going out .let us know how you all are getting on

Peter& Bernice

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